wonderlandA teenager started a blog, and that teenager is…..well me. And this is my blog, it will be full of book and movie discussions, favorite books of mine, t.v. shows, historical fiction, and just plain being a teenager the ups and downs (and by downs I mean melt downs!!!) And of course the hair and makeup struggles we all have and my passion for art, acting and all things historical.

Also the occasional rant or blonde moment (we all have at least one  right???). And my awesome drawing skills cough* cough* not really but I try . My love for Paris, France  And just traveling the world, my love for pop culture ,and my just plain weirdness, funny stories. My awkward moments (and I mean awkward!!!), but all in all I hope this blog is a place will make you laugh, cry , relate and just plain bring joy to your life. The good the bad and just plain awkwardness of life. And fall in love with well me and all my craziness!!!!. LOVE A.