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wonderlandA teenager started a blog, and that teenager is…..well me. And this is my blog, it will be full of book and movie discussions, favorite books of mine, t.v. shows, historical fiction, and just plain being a teenager the ups and downs (and by downs I mean melt downs!!!) And of course the hair and makeup struggles we all have and my passion for art, acting and all things historical.

Also the occasional rant or blonde moment (we all have at least one  right???). And my awesome drawing skills cough* cough* not really but I try . My love for Paris, France  And just traveling the world, my love for pop culture ,and my just plain weirdness, funny stories. My awkward moments (and I mean awkward!!!), but all in all I hope this blog is a place will make you laugh, cry , relate and just plain bring joy to your life. The good the bad and just plain awkwardness of life. And fall in love with well me and all my craziness!!!!. LOVE A.



Art  something so simple but so powerful in every way. Art for me is well…….. stressful  just because I’m a bit of a umm perfectionist. And I procrastinate a lot (and I mean a lot!!) if I have to draw or paint something that I’m going to give as a gift ,I will wait not even joking till the night before to even start on it. I mean I have the idea of what I want to do in my head, but every time I sit down to start I either think of something better or get distracted.

Or I simple just don’t feel like doing it right then and end up waiting to late. Then next thing I know its midnight , and then I’m running around the house like a chicken with its head cut off trying to finish it and still get 10 hours of sleep…… it just doesn’t work. So I either don’t finish it and then have to go buy them something or I do finish it (by some miracle) but then I end up lookin like some zombie from the walking dead.

I mean do you see the dilemma here? its a matter of sleep or be a zombie. And I know I know I could just not draw them something or just plain do it in the right amount of time, but I mean come on what teenager does anything in the right amount of time I mean really!(note* the sarcasm). And besides when you’re rushed to get something done it means you don’t worry about those tiny details so much.

But all in all art is just fun. Its something you should look forward too and actually want to do. Not have to do, I mean yah its stressful sometimes ( more so the others) but that’s anything in life  it will be stressful sometimes and it will be relaxing sometimes. You just have to go with the flow. And art is a beautiful thing, its a way to express yourself without saying a word. And to me that’s amazing to be able to show someone something about yourself without saying a word is just well crazy!!. 

 Then there’s those times where you sit outside and sketch whatever comes to mind ,or the world around you and you just see the beauty in ever thing. From the tiniest ant to the tallest tree ,or the way the sun sets in the west. Its all just so beautiful in every way.  So I hope this post was in some way helpful or even entertaining or in some way makes you love art just a little more.

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Autumn in wonderland

We'er all mad here


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